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What is Mindfulness?  We often hear others say “be in the present”, “stay in the now”, “ be in the moment.” What does that mean? What they are suggesting is to be aware of what is happening to you, around you and within you in the present time. That is mindfulness. It is the ability […]


Have you lost someone dear to you recently? Perhaps a long time ago your life changed due to a loss of someone or something special to you, and you are still unable to return to your normal way of functioning. Are the holidays a painful reminder of your loss instead of a joyful time? If […]

Positively Grateful

Dear reader,      I’d like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, for my first blog entry I thought it would be fitting to discuss benefits of being grateful and positive. Every year on Thanksgiving people start considering what they are thankful for in life. However, the very next day (called […]