Betrayal Trauma  HEALING BUNDLE

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Video content: Relatable & Psychoeducational Videos

Materials: 8 Weeks of learning, Interactive workbook. 

Exercises: Comprehensive Research-Based Exercises

Language: English (English subtitles available)

Format: Digital/Online


Includes: How to heal from infidelity and betrayal. 



About this program:

What if you had the necessary tools to start healing from infidelity and mend a broken heart? What if you could learn from a licensed psychotherapist and heal at your own pace while being guided by research-based support.  Well, now you can!

With many years of experience counselling hundreds of couples to strengthen their relationships, as well as working with individuals to heal their betrayal traumas and losses,  Anna Aslanian, LMFT, CGT  is here to share her knowledge with you. Learn from an expert in this new Betrayal Trauma Healing Bundle. You will gain the fundamentals you need to start processing the pain that comes with betrayal, understand your symptoms better, identify past relationship patterns, learn to heal your nervous system, boost your self-esteem and move forward.