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Welcome to your safe space for healing traumas and creating happy relationships.

Hello and welcome to My Therapy Corner, a boutique private practice that focuses on individual and relational healing.

My Therapy Corner is a safe place where individuals can heal their past traumas, feel empowered and create healthier and happier narratives about their lives and relationships.

It’s a place where couples can feel connected again and strengthen their relationship, becoming the best team possible!

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About Anna

My name is Anna Aslanian. I am the founder of My Therapy Corner and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of California, Florida and New York. I’ve been working in the field of psychological care since 2006.

My private practice, My Therapy Corner, focuses on individual and couples therapy, as well as online and teletherapy for clients who are appropriate for this avenue of therapy.

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“Bringing Baby Home” is a Gottman Method Couples workshop designed for expecting and parenting couples, as well as couples who know they want to have children and want to prepare in advance.


Webinars are educational and informative, and most importantly LIVE! You can ask questions, comment and have access to all the information presented from the comfort of your home.


Intensives are in depth, lengthier and more frequent therapy sessions. This is ideal for clients who want to work with me but don’t live in my area to have weekly sessions.

Call (424) 385-7503 or fill out the form below to contact me: