Whether you are struggling with substance addictions (alcohol, drugs) or behavioral addictions such as sex addiction and love addiction, you are in the right place. Healing and sobriety is very much possible.

Recovery is a lifestyle change. It’s not just enough to stop the substances or the problematic behaviors. Together, we will look at the underlying reasons you turn to addictions in the first place. This work is collaborative. We expect you to show up and do the work, while we will be there guiding you on your healing journey.

We have worked with clients struggling with addictions for many years and we will utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities to help you in the process.

Please keep in mind, we work collaboratively with your team whether it consists of a psychiatrist, sober living, sponsor, sober coach, various programs, etc. Signing a consent to allow us to work with your team is highly encouraged for your own wellbeing.

Additionally, if a higher level of care is recommended (for example: detox, inpatient treatment, hospital, etc.), we will provide you with recommendations and referrals. While you have the right to decline any referrals, it is your responsibility and our expectation that you will follow up with the recommendations.

Anxiety can show up in so many different ways. Whether you are having panic attacks, feel anxious in social situations or just worry about lots of different parts of your life, there’s help.

Sometimes fears guide our lives. We are controlled by negative thoughts, worry and our bodies reacting as if they are in danger. Instead, we’d like to see you participate in life, take risks, be able to relax and be in the moment. We’d like you to worry less and live more!

Our sessions will be focused on helping you cope with symptoms while getting to the root causes of your anxiety. The goal is to live your life according to you goals and values, and not be guided by fear. A variety of therapeutic methods will be used to help you achieve this. In addition to working with a therapist on our team, many of our clients have the option to also work with our coach who specializes in treating many forms of anxiety. Your coach and therapist will work together in guiding you in this process so you not only learn many skills but practice them in between sessions.

Our work is collaborative.

We are here to support you and help you explore your barriers to emotional freedom and inner peace. We are here to guide you and assist you in regulating your nervous system, as well as living a life that’s in sync with your values and free of anxiety.

Feeling sad, changes in your appetite and sleep, irritability, low energy, difficulties concentrating, and even physical symptoms can indicate you are struggling with depression.

There are other symptoms as well. People experience depression differently. Sometimes causes are known, and sometimes you don’t even know why you are feeling down and depressed.

Depression is a dark place where people often feel alone and stuck.

We are here to support and help you through this difficult time. If additional referrals are needed, we will provide them for you to ensure best quality of care. If you are feeling depressed, we encourage you to take the first step today and reach out. Together, we will monitor your progress and start your healing journey. Life can be full of joy, and we’d like you to experience it.

Dating / Relationships
Has your dating experience been challenging and disappointing?

Do you find yourself attracting the wrong type of partners? Are you nervous about the dating process? Do you lose yourself in love with a new partner and get carried away? Do you fear rejection? Maybe you have difficulties getting close and being vulnerable. The examples are so many. Singles face many struggles these days navigating the dating world, both online and offline.

During our sessions, we will explore many different aspects of yourself and your dating history. This will help you understand yourself better, as well as your expectations, barriers and patterns.

We’ll explore your needs and wants when it comes to your ideal relationship and work through all the barriers preventing you from finding love. We are wired for connection and intimacy. We understand how having bad relational experiences can make you feel discouraged and hopeless. We are here to tell you there’s hope, there are amazing people out there and love is possible to find and keep.

Trauma can mean many different things.

While there are major, “big T” traumas such as wars, childhood sexual and physical abuse, assaults, rape, disasters, etc., there are also “small t” traumas that include everything that’s ever been hurtful to your heart. These experiences affect our self-esteem, ability to trust ourselves and others. Like a perceptual filter, we see the world and ourselves through limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. This prevents us from living our lives fully. Trauma affects how we see ourselves, the world, and other people in it.

Sometimes trauma happens before you are even old enough to talk and understand things.

See, as infants, we have no concept of time or ourselves. So your body and mind remember the trauma on a subconscious level, while you go on with your life not understanding why you’re feeling a certain way. You can’t logically think your way out of it because it’s stored in the right hemisphere as an implicit memory, and it’s emotional, somatosensory, behavioral, and nonverbal.

When trauma is experienced, it gets frozen in time in its own memory network just as it was experienced when it originally occurred. Images, body sensations, sounds, tastes, smells, beliefs, feelings, thoughts, etc., all get trapped in your body and your mind. Have you ever had a smell automatically remind you of a specific memory? Have you had something randomly trigger a feeling? It’s all starting to make sense now, doesn’t it?

Healing is possible. As certified and trained EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapists, we use this modality to help you process and heal your trauma and any other distressing life experiences.

This method has been extensively researched and proven to be effective for treatment of trauma. It gets to the root of the problem, and often works faster than regular talk therapy. EMDR will focus on your memories, feelings, body sensations, thoughts and beliefs. It will focus on your past, present and prepare you for your future. Using Attachment Focused EMDR will further help you with more subconscious forms of trauma.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about EMDR and your healing process. Let’s get you unstuck from your trauma, and living a happier, healthier life.

In addition to EMDR and AF-EMDR, we use other trauma-focused therapeutic modalities (Havening techniques, Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM), Polyvagal theory, etc.) to treat big and small traumas. Trauma work is collaborative and what modality is best for you is determined with your therapist. Your comfort level is a priority and we process trauma at your own pace.

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