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Bringing Baby Home

Anna is a Gottman Method Couples therapist and a “Bringing Baby Home” Educator.
This workshop is designed for expecting and parenting couples, as well as couples who know they want to have children and want to prepare in advance.
Transition to parenthood is such an exciting time for couples but it can also be a huge strain even on the strongest relationships.
Research shows that 67% of new parents experience conflict, disappointments and emotional distance towards each other. The daily stress that comes with a new baby decreases marital satisfaction.

This workshop is based on research by Dr. Gottman and his colleagues. You will learn evidence-based tools to maintain marital satisfaction after your baby arrives. In a supportive environment, you will meet other couples who are also eager to learn how to become the best team while having a baby. You will learn how to strengthen your relationship and how to nurture your baby’s development.
This workshop is usually a two-day workshop.
If you are interested, please contact us for more information and to find out where/when the next workshop will be held.

Baby feet with a woman's hands in a heart around the feet, with a man's hands holding the woman's hands.

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