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According to the American Psychiatric  Association, seasonal depression, or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is experienced by about 5% of adults in the US, and often lasts about 40% of the year.


Tips for Surviving Winter

Having the “winter blues” is sometimes not considered very serious, but it is important to remember that seasonal depression is still depression. The shorter days can bring feelings of hopelessness and sadness that typically lifts with the longer, sunnier days of Summer. Sometimes seasonal depression can be traced back to childhood trauma and difficulties with family members during the holidays, but other times seasonal depression does not trace back to anything that a person may remember in childhood. When the Fall and Winter months are arriving, here are 5 tips to remember to help get you through the season:
  1. Do at least one thing every day that makes you happy. Whether it’s taking a bath, enjoying a hot chocolate, reading your favorite book, etc, be sure to make time for things that you enjoy. 
  2. Make yourself meals. Try your best to follow a generally healthy diet, but know that it’s okay to give yourself treats too. 
  3. Go outside. Even if it’s gloomy, a quick 10 minute walk outside can put you in a different headspace.
  4. Keep up with your hygiene. Whether it’s a bath, shower, brushing your teeth, this can help you feel refreshed with each new day.
  5. Tidy up one area every day. Cleaning your entire living area may seem like a very difficult task, but by splitting the cleaning up and doing one small thing a day, you can feel productive without feeling overwhelmed.


Therapy Healing


For some people, following tips like these may not be enough to help them through seasonal depression. Even if you know that at some point these feelings are going to lift, that does not mean that you should ignore your symptoms. Depression is incredibly difficult to live with, and reaching out to a therapist in your area may help. If leaving your house seems like an obstacle to therapy, remember that there are tons of therapists offering therapy in home through virtual services. You deserve to be happy, reach out for therapy healing today.